My father was a hard working man and musician.  He was laid off from his day job in the 70's when I was a young girl. Meanwhile, a hobby shop in town had been destroyed in a fire.  My uncle, who was a fireman, had brought some of the toys to donate to the kids in our neighborhood.  As we were happy with our new toys, but sad for the fire, my uncle handed my father a small item.  He said, "Jim, you were always good with your hands."  It was a stained "glass" kit that you baked in the oven.  Sure enough my father put this creation together and then decided to go find some real glass and some real supplies to begin a business that supported our family for decades.  



My parents taught me the craft after I graduated high school and I fell in love with the art. Sadly, the business downsized when my father passed away and the economy saw changes. Years passed and I had two daughters, who I am raising by myself.  I worked many different jobs, never fully satisfied. I decided to return to the art of stained glass and I am happy to offer my creations on this website which enables me to reach many of you! All of my suncatchers are handcrafted by myself using real stained glass.


Thank you for stopping by to take a look!


Michelle Petze